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Communicating with borrowers on rate changes

The first thing we do in the morning is look to see what is happening with mortgage bonds and rate pricing compared to the day before. Depending on this information and what the day's outlook is for mortgage rates, we will reach out to clients and update them on rates and pricing for their upcoming purchase or pre-approval.

We Make the Call: We make it a point to communicate with our borrowers on potential rate changes or rate locks. It allows our clients to be in the know and make a decision based on market conditions when shopping for a home.

Communication is the key: We don’t like to get into the weeds on inflation data and details of why pricing may have improved or worsened. Clients are relying on their loan officers expertise to guide them through this process. The goal is to help you take advantage of the best loan scenario possible by predicting and explaining how pricing may change in the future. For clients making an offer, we maintain close contact with you so we can ensure we lock in at the best possible time.

We Build Trust: Communicating with you is key, especially if we are in a business based on trust and referrals. Our goal is to be experienced as your trusted advisor and not a transactional experience.

Buying your first home as a multi-family or investment, is this a good idea?

With the topic of saving and retirement being more discussed in mainstream media, options for young new homeowners to build wealth has become a hot topic on social media, the news, and amongst friends. To answer this question is to look at who you are and if you have the stomach to be a landlord, repairman, and homeowner.

Being a landlord is not cut out for everyone. You will deal with people you don’t know, who may or may not pay rent on time or at all, forcing you to learn how to navigate the court system, and rental laws. For some of us this may come easy, or we may already have the resources to hire help to manage the rental units, and for others, we may not know how to manage any of this and be forced to sell due to being overwhelmed.