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Communicating With Borrowers On Rate Changes

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

With the first light of day at NorthPort Funding, we're diving deep into the dynamics of mortgage bonds and rate pricing. Each day is a new opportunity to compare and analyze these trends, ensuring we're equipped to keep you up-to-date with rates and pricing for your upcoming purchase or pre-approval.

At NorthPort Funding, we're not just reactive - we actively make the call, staying ahead of potential rate changes or rate locks. We believe in knowledge as power, and we strive to ensure our clients are equipped with the right information to make decisions based on the latest market conditions during their home buying journey.

Communication forms the heart of our operation. We ensure simplicity in our approach, keeping complex jargon out. There's no need for you to sift through inflation data or the nitty-gritty details behind pricing shifts. You can lean on our expertise and let us guide you through the process. Our primary aim is to assist you in leveraging the best loan scenario by forecasting and clearly explaining potential future pricing changes. And if you're making an offer, know that we're right alongside you, maintaining close contact to lock in at the most advantageous time.

We, at NorthPort Funding, believe in building trust that transcends mere transactions. We aim to stand as your trusted advisor, fostering relationships rooted in trust and referrals. Our commitment goes beyond the norm, ensuring your experience with us is less of a transaction and more of a long-term partnership


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